About us

Raymisa SA is a production company of Peruvian decorative products and textiles of high quality that sells its own products. We offer a wide variety of handmade products for your interior. Raymisa is a Fair Trade enterprise certified by the World Fair Trade Organization and has also received the Peruvian Certificate for Good Fair Trade Practices and the Promperú Certificate for Good Manufacturing Practices.

Our main product lines are alpaca textiles, ceramics, wood furniture, painted glass items and traditional handcrafts. As a Fair Trade enterprise, Raymisa maintains a long-term relationship with artisan workshops he works. Raymisa’s newsletter reports on artisans’ activities. Furthermore, we organize meetings where artisans can share their work experiences with each other and give each other advice.

Raymisa is dedicated to remaining strong ties with the artisan workshops. By assisting in selling their products, Raymisa seeks to improve the living conditions of the artisans.

Upon receiving an order, Raymisa talks with the artisan workshops about the price, the time it will take to produce the item and the required quality. Furthermore, Raymisa ensures an advance payment of of up to 50%, depending on the agreement with the artisan. 


Being a leading company that brings Peruvian products onto the domestic market and international markets through fair trade, to the satisfaction of all actors in the production chain.


Commercialization of authentic Peruvian products while prioritizing quality and innovation. Complying with the requirements of social corporate responsibility and environmental protection, framed on the principles and criteria of Fair Trade.