Orlando Vasquez Buenaño

Orlando Vasquez Buenaño

Orlando Vásquez Buenaño was born in the Peruvian capital of Lima in 1953. As a child, he was confronted with an overpopulated and chaotic city where urban culture and Andean traditions came together.

His paternal family belongs to Conchucos people who live in the mountains of Ancash, while his maternal family comes from La Libertad, a region in northwestern Peru. In both parts of the country he discovered folk art. He saw his aunts and uncles painting, embroidering and carving precious products. Their craftsmanship continues to inspire him as an adult.

He studied engineering in Argentina and Germany and lived abroad for fifteen years before returning to Peru in 1987. Since then, he has dedicated himself to the rediscovery and promotion of Peruvian folk art. Thanks to his tireless efforts he has proven the importance of handmade Peruvian products.

His unwavering commitment has been recognized by many artists in Peru and abroad, who are still inspired by Peruvian culture and continue to create authentic products.

Orlando Vásquez Buenaño is the Founder and CEO of Raymisa SA. Since starting his business in 1993, he focuses continually on working with local communities and groups of artisans in order to promote and develop craftsmanship. Raymisa SA is characterized by the development of handmade, authentic Peruvian products of high quality.