Inti Raymi National Folk Art Award

Premio National Inti Raymi de Arte Popular

The national contest was not only created to promote Peruvian folk art, but also to preserve the various artistic expressions from the different regions of Peru. The Inti Raymi National Folk Art Award wants to stimulate the development of new artistic expressions by Peruvian craftsmen. By organizing this competition, new generations of folk artists are encouraged to continue with their work. The Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism has officially recognized and supports the contest, because the Peruvian state believes that the contest plays a key role in making Peruvian folk art more visible.

Since 1992, NGO Inti Raymi and social enterprise Raymisa SA grant the Inti Raymi National Folk Art Award. The participants in the corresponding national contest come from all over Peru. Inti Raymi is an organization dedicated to the promotion and revaluation of Peruvian folk art, whereas Raymisa SA is a social enterprise that focuses on the export of Peruvian folk art. Together they promote artistic projects seeking reappraisal for Peruvian folk art in Peru as well as abroad.

Peruvian Folk Art Award – Competition Timeline

Between 1992 and 2013, more than three hundred Peruvian folk artists of all specialties, including pottery, wood, textiles, silverware, gourds, altarpieces and stone sculptors, have received an award from us. The shortlisted and winning pieces of art have been exhibited in major venues such as the Peruvian Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History, the Presidential Palace and the National Museum of Lima.

The Inti Raymi National Folk Art Award is granted as followed:

  • We announce the start of the contest.
  • Folk artists who want to participate can register in Lima or in the provinces.
  • Pieces of art are selected for the contest.
  • The samples of the pieces of art are installed.
  • The award ceremony takes place right before the opening of the exhibition.
  • The exhibition lasts four weeks.

The purpose of the exhibition is to promote Peruvian folk art, to draw attention to the talents of Peruvian folk artists and to engage the public in order to achieve reappraisal of Peruvian folk art.

In June 2013, the twentieth anniversary of the Inti Raymi National Folk Art Award was celebrated in the renowned Museo de la Nación in Lima. The winners were: Sabino Tupa (first place), Víctor Baldeon (second place) and Pachacutec Huaman (third place).