Social Initiatives

Campaigns in the Peruvian jungle

From the beginning, Raymisa has been characterized by undertaking or organizing campaigns to help or support vulnerable communities in Peru. In 2000, Raymisa started campaigns in the Peruvian jungle.

Christmas in Tinki (Cusco)

Since 1999, help and support is given to the Tinki community with Christmas. The rural community of Tinki is a 2/3 hours drive away from Cusco. The christmas gifts for around 100 children and also a hot meal are financed through private donations and Raymisa S.A. Dolls, toy trucks or colored balls put a big smile on each children’s face.

Health Care for Children in Tinki

The health of the people in the rural region around Tinki is a routine problem. The health post of Tinki doesn’t have the capacity to care about 2800 children and pregnant women. In this area the main problem is the lack of financial support and the difficult accessibility of the villages. Therefore, a lot of children are not officially recorded and this is excluding them as well from health care. In May 2014, Raymisa collaborated with the medical post in Ocongate to start a campaign aimed at deworming and improving dental health of toddlers at two kindergartens. We specifically chose to help children, because they are the most vulnerable members of society.