Our Brand “Inti Peru”

About Inti Peru

‘Inti Peru’ launched their first collection in 2010. By mixing traditional Peruvian knit technics and cultural arts the collection winter 2018 expresses a modern approach.

Inti Peru is a fashion label who produces for women who admire high quality materials in the perfect fit. Our product range is like Peru itself. A treasure chest full of variety, colors and stories. Constantly ready to discover itself again. Besides our own brand we yearly produce new collections in collaboration with different designers all over the world.

The collection

The theme of the Inti Peru collection is the combination of high quality knitted materials, in a variety of warm colors and structured surfaces. Our items are designed with care. It includes some basic tailored pieces like simple tops, comfortable sweaters and cardigans. A patchwork jacket manufactured out recycled materials is one of the master pieces in this collection and very unique.

For a casual and loose style, designs like oversize sweaters and ponchos manufactured with different hand made stitches to bring the designs on a modern and sophisticated level. The color choices from grey in a combination with some lighter blue created some ageless high quality items. Furthermore, our color palette offers some combinations in an expressive red or rusty orange. As modern classics Inti Peru also added some graphical styles in black and white.

Inti Peru offers a fine balance between simple styles, in which the colors alone create the expression and more worked out designs which are rich in detail inspired by Peruvian art. If you put on our lightweight feminine clothes, you will feel comfortable instantly and they are suitable for all seasons. For more coziness we offer beautiful designs in a very soft and thick yarn. Every piece is made of one of the finest and rarest materials of the fashion world- the alpaca fiber.

About Alpaca Fiber:
low carbon footprint • self-cleaning fiber • hypoallergenic • microscopic air pockets • breathability • 22 natural color shades • naturally rain resistant • durability • alpacas live free in their natural habitat • using alpaca fibers promotes sustainable agriculture in the Andes

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